Video tutorials of key features of DrawingBoard
DrawingBoard Shapes Panel: Your key to real time innovation

Thousands of ready to use PowerPoint Visuals, editable hand drawn icons and royalty free images have been packed into DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel.

DrawingBoard’s shapes panel objects are organized into categories for easy and intuitive classification of shapes.

Search for the right shape and simply drag the shape right into your slide.

DrawingBoard’s shapes panel is linked to our Online Object Store.

The Online Object Store is a large collection of objects organized under categories that can be downloaded readily into your system and will appear instantly in your Shapes Panel.

DrawingBoard Shapes Panel Smart Search: Find what you need and drag it right into your slide

DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel is powered by a smart search for faster access.

Simply type in the search box what you are looking for, the list of matching shapes automatically filters until you get your desired shape.

The search results filter down matching objects from several categories and place them in the order of relevance.

Double click on the object icon or simply drag and drop the object icon right into your slide. The actual object will get inserted into your slide.

The inserted object is all set for your use, simply add text where applicable or further customize the object using DrawingBoard’s ribbon tools.

DrawingBoard’s Online Object Store: A living collection of objects, icons, wireframes and a lot more.

DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel is linked to its Online Object Store, which is vast online collection of objects organized under categories.

Our team of professionals work relentlessly to create best in class shapes on mainstream topics and make them available in DrawingBoard’s online object store periodically.

The newly added objects come under new categories on the top of the list that can be readily downloaded into your system. Once downloaded a category appears instantly in the DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel.

DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel: Create your own objects and share with your team.

You can create your own objects and add them to DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel. Simple create a new category(custom category) in the DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel and start adding your objects to the new category.

The number of custom categories and the maximum number of objects that can be added to custom categories depend on the nature of your license.

You can also share you object with the rest of your team by creating a companywide library of objects. This feature is enabled on a case by case basis.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create complex shapes in seconds.

Composite shapes such as split concentric circles or split triangles are now main stream infographics. But creating such shapes in native PowerPoint is no easy task. It can take hours to get a complex composite visual right in PowerPoint.

This is where DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes come in handy.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes is a collection of premium tools that help in creating complex and composite shapes such as Split Concentric Circles, Split Triangles, Gantt Charts, Project Phases and lot more, in seconds.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create split concentric circles in no time.

Split concentric circles are very useful objects to create variety of infographics.

Create multi layered wheel diagram.

Draw a bullseye.

Create ripple effect.

Depict Primary, secondary and tertiary details.

Many more compelling visuals such as Onion Charts, colour wheels and a lot more can be developed in seconds using DrawingBoard IntelliShapes Concentric Circles.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create split triangles in seconds. nnovation

Split triangles or layered triangles or segmented pyramid are great ways to showcase a hierarchical structure.

There are times when we need to further split a layer of a triangle into smaller parts to depict multiple components.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Split Triangles helps create split triangles within seconds.

Select the shape you want from 12 pre-configured split triangles, customize it further to create the desired visual impact.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create radially split triangles in seconds.

Radially split triangles are used extensively to depict the convergence of components from the bottom to the top of a pyramid. Radially split triangles also help illustrate continuity of components from bottom to the top.

Radially split triangles are used extensively to depict the convergence of components from the bottom to the top of a pyramid. Radially split triangles also help illustrate continuity of components from bottom to the top.

Select the shape you want from 12 pre-configured radial split triangles, customize it further to create the desired visual impact. Create awesome radially split triangles in no time.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create and manipulate Gantt Charts on the go!

A Gantt Chart is the most widely used visual for graphically illustrating a project plan over a period of time. In reality Gantt Charts are updated several times before they are finalized. Changing the timeline of a Gantt chart can be particularly challenging in native PowerPoint as dates must be managed manually.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Gantt Charts does the job for you in seconds.

Select the shape you want from 12 pre-configured Gantt Charts, customize further to create the desired visual impact.

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes: Create project phase details quickly

DrawingBoard’s IntelliShapes Project Phases is a powerful tool to help you create phase wise details of a project.

Create up to 10 phases and 10 keynotes per phase. Keynotes are tracks that run across phases and each keynote can contain up to 15 rows.

Select a template from 12-preconfigured templates that best matches your requirements and customize it further as per your requirements.

DrawingBoard’s Slice Objects Tool

Cut, divide and trim shapes and images using DrawingBoard Slice Objects.

At times, splitting a shape or an image can be very meaningful. But splitting a shape manually can be a very tiresome job. DrawingBoard’s Slice tool is created exactly for this purpose.

Split Shapes into Layers or highlight specific parts of an image. DrawingBoard’s Slice tool can be used with images exactly like it’s used with shapes.

DrawingBoard’s Create Torn Edges Effect Tool

Create Torn Edge Effect or Torn Paper Effect or Ripped Edge Effect

Torn edges can be particularly useful to create a collage like impression or distressed looks or even to indicate that something is extracted from a larger entity.

DrawingBoard’s Torn Edges Tool creates the torn paper effect within seconds. The torn edges can be created one at a time or all at once on one or multiple shapes together.

DrawingBoard’s Insert a Smart Calendar Tool

Calendars are an integral part of a variety of discussions specially those involving project management or any time bound activities. Drawing a calendar manually and changing it when required is arguably a very cumbersome task. DrawingBoard’s Insert Smart Calendar does the job for you.

The smart calendar can be changed to next and previous months simply by clicking on the special controls.

Simply click on these control and change the calendar to any month of your choice.

DrawingBoard’s Converge all apexes Tool

DrawingBoard’s Converge all Apexes is a powerful and tactical tool which can help create fantastic circular formations in no time.

This tool is designed for both radial formations and circumferential formations.

Converge all Apexes works with any possible shape in PowerPoint even with images.

DrawingBoard’s Place in a Circle Tool

Positioning objects in a circular fashion can be a very enticing visual trick. DrawingBoard’s Place in a Circle tool is design exactly for this purpose. Place in a Circle tool allows the user to select a set of objects and position them along the circumference of a circle. The positioning can be done along a full circle or along a semi-circle.

Position Objects along a full circle

Position Objects along a left semi-circle

Provide the radius of the circle and create tempting circular visuals in no time.

DrawingBoard’s Straighten Lines Tool

It’s sometimes almost impossible to straighten a PowerPoint line shape either vertically or horizontally. And it gets even trickier when there are several lines in a slide.

DrawingBoard’s Straighten Lines comes in very hand in these situations. This tool comes in three flavour.

Straighten horizontally or vertically whichever is closest.

Straighten horizontally.

Straighten vertically.

Save your precious time working with lines.

DrawingBoard’s Select Similar Shapes Tool

Having multiple shapes of same type, colour, height, width or orientation in a single slide is a common occurrence.

Imagine how challenging it could be to manually select all circles in a slide or all shapes of same colour in a slide. DrawingBoard’s Select Similar Shape is the tool you need in such situations.

Select similar shapes based on up to 17 shape properties which include Shape type, fill, dimension, test, font and line properties.

Simply select a shape and right click on it to select similar shapes.