About Us
Our Team

We are a team of management consultants, designers, and techies who have worked extensively on PowerPoint for over a decade now. We have made numerous successful presentations and serviced a wide range of businesses worldwide. We have learnt that to make the right impact we need best-in-class visuals, infographics, icons, and wireframes. We have seen that it takes innovative thinking, creative skills and awful lot time to get a visual right in PowerPoint. Even trivial tasks such as formatting and proofing are extremely stressful, and time consuming. We have come across several businesses that have dedicated teams for creating innovative PowerPoint visuals, icons, presentation objects and formatting of presentations. All these years we have made honest effort to learn and capitalize on every opportunity to improve our presentation, identify the pain-points of PowerPoint and create tools to simplify complex timetaking tasks in PowerPoint.

Our Vision

We intend to develop and support add-ins for Microsoft office in order to foster innovation and improve office productivity. Foster innovation by bringing best-in-class customizable templates at your finger tips. Improve productivity by automating trivial formatting tasks and providing content creation tools.

Our Journey

In 2015, we created our first PowerPoint add-in “ATV” and distributed it to our close connects. “ATV” had 108+ tools in its ribbon which automated formatting and helped create complex objects with ease. ATV also had a Shapes Panel (side pane) which had a collection of 500+ commonly used presentation objects, icons, infographics, frameworks and wireframes. The shapes panel allowed the user to search an object and drag it right into the slide to further edit and customize the object. ATV was an outright success simply because it saved significant time working with PowerPoint and helped create enticing visuals in no time. More importantly, ATV provided us with a wonderful opportunity to connect with our users and hear directly from them about their pain points and challenges.

Leveraging our experience and all we could learn from ATV, in 2017 we created “DrawingBoard”, our second PowerPoint add in. DrawingBoard is highly improvised and brings a whole new world of capabilities in PowerPoint. DrawingBoard is compatible with all version of PowerPoint and now contains 140+ awesome tools to gratify your PowerPoint experience. DrawingBoard contains premium tools such as IntelliShapesTM that create complex shapes in a single click. DrawingBoard’s shapes panel now has 3000+ and growing best-in-class objects which can be searched and dropped right into the slide. DrawingBoard in now linked with an “Online Object Store” which is a central repository on all our objects. Our team of professionals works relentlessly to create best in class PowerPoint objects and make them available in our “Online Object Store”. The new objects can be readily downloaded from our “Online Object Store” and used immediately via our Shapes Panel. DrawingBoard is the tool you need and we would love to hear from you!