List of all features of DrawingBoard
Drawing Board's Shapes Panel
Shapes Panel
Shapes Panel Search
Shapes Panel Object Store
Rename a Category
Insert a New Object
Download a Category from Online Object Store
Expand/Collapse Shapes Panel Categories
Create a New Category
Remove a Category
View Category as Tiles
View Category as Icons
View Category as List
IntelliShapes Features
IntelliShapes Search
IntelliShapes: Concentric Circles
IntelliShapes: Split Triangles
IntelliShapes: Radially Split Triangles
IntelliShapes: Gantt Charts
IntelliShapes: Project Phases
Customize an IntelliShape
Insert an IntelliShape
DrawingBoard “Essentials” Tool Bar Features
Replicate Top
Replicate Left
Replicate Down
Replicate Right
Copy to All slides
Slice Objects
Adjust Angles
Swap Objects
Remove Text
Convert Text Lines to Shapes
Default Internal Margins
Remove Internal Margins
Straighten Line
Straighten Line - Straighten Line Horizontal
Straighten Line - Straighten Line Vertical
Object Tools
Create Torn Edge Effect
Insert Calendar
Turn to Value Chain
Converge All Apexes
Remove outline
Slice Objects
Merge Text Boxes
Place in circle
Place in circle - Place in semi circle (left)
Place in circle - Place in semi circle (right)
Insert Harvey ball - 5 Tools, one for each variation
Insert Harvey ball custom
Object Tools - Group All on Slide
Object Tools - Ungroup All on Slide
Other Object Tools – 6 native object tools packed together for faster and easy access
Image Tools – 6 native image tools packed together for faster and easy access