Frequently Asked Questions | Drawingboard !

All the Shapes Panel categories are available in DrawingBoard’s Object Store. You can access the object store, look for the categories that you need and simply download them. The downloaded categories will appear instantly in your Shapes Panel.

No, this situation will not arise. Once a category is uploaded in DrawingBoard’s Object Store, it will never be updated or in other words once a category is created in DrawingBoard’s Object Store with certain number of shapes in it, it will remain like that forever. We may add a new category similar to an existing one with new object if our users demand so, but it will have a different name and tag.

No, the categories are arranged based on timestamp. This means the category created/downloaded first will appear first in the Shapes Panel. This order of listing cannot be changed.

No. Even if you install a new version of DrawingBoard, all your custom categories will be retained exactly as you defined them and will be automatically reflected in the Shapes Panel.

No, this feature has not been enabled in the current release of DrawingBoard. The DrawingBoard Object Store is read only for all users at this stage.

Yes, this is possible but we have made this feature available on a case by case basis. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will help you deploy this feature.

This number indicates the number of categories that were added in DrawingBoard’s Object Store in last 30 days.

No, you can add an object only to the category(s) that you have created. You cannot add an object to any other category

Yes, all these objects can be added to DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel. In addition other object types such as SmartArt, WordArt, comments, equations etc. can be added to DrawingBoard’s Shapes Panel.

Yes, DrawingBoard’s Object Store will retain all the attributes including animations of the object exactly as it is on the slide.

You can simply install the latest version of DrawingBoard from our website on your new laptop and use your existing license key to activate DrawingBoard. The DrawingBoard will be activated on your new laptop based on the validity of your existing license key. Please note that the custom categories that you created on your old laptop will not be available on your new laptop. Currently we have not built any mechanism to port your custom categories to your new laptop.

Please contact us directly for your bulk license needs, we provide bulk licenses on a case by case basis depending on your specific needs and your technical setup.

Yes we offer very attractive discounts and pricing models on bulk purchases of DrawingBoard’s licenses. Please contact us directly for your bulk license needs, we provide all pricing related details on case by case basis.

We launch several new categories every month. The number of categories and nature of categories launched every month depends on demands of our users.

Simply write to us with what you are looking for and we will make every possible effort to create those objects, package them in a new category and make it available in our Object Store as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you.

Yes, absolutely. All our icons are hand drawn and made from native PowerPoint shapes. Each icons can be customized further in any possible way.

Yes, absolutely. All the images that we have in our Object Store are royalty free and can be readily used in any situation without any infringements of IP right or any licensing constraints. Our team of professionals make every possible to effort to ensure that none of our images entail any IP related issues or any licensing restrictions.

Currently we do not have this feature enabled in our product. You need to buy our standard licensing plans. However do let us know about your specific needs, we will make every possible effort to address your needs.

No, this is not possible. You must have admin right on your computer to install DrawingBoard.

Yes, absolutely. Please contact us directly for your specific needs, we provide enterprise versions of DrawingBoard on a case by case basis depending on your specific needs and your technical setup.

The DrawingBoard license includes:

  1. Full access to the entire collection of categories in the shapes panel as well as Object Store.
  2. Full access to all new categories added in the Object Store.
  3. All ribbon features fully enabled. No prompting message to purchase a license.
  4. No restrictions on the number of custom categories that can be created and the number of custom objects that can be added in each custom category.
  5. Full customer support to your queries and issues via our ticketing system.